Thermal-Protectors – Standard Products
Amperage from 4 A to 25 A

Series 05

C05   S05   L05   F05  

Series 09

C09   S09   L09   F09 

Series Q5

CQ5   SQ5   

Series 06

C06   S06   B06   F06   C06HT   S06HT   L06   P06   H06   V06 

Series 08

C08   S08   L08   P08   H08   V08  

Series Y6

CY6   SY6 

Series YH


Series R6

CR6   SR6 


VDE according to EN 60730

CQC according to GB 14536

UL according to UL 2111 / UL 873

CSA according to C22.2

CB-Report according to IEC 60730

ENEC according to EN 60730

Automatic functionality as per IEC/EN 60730 -1: 2BM/2CM

Existing norm appendices forIEC/EN 60730: -1; -2-3; -2-9
B = Micro cutoff
C = Micro interruption
2 = Defined manufacturing variation and drift

Thermik products correspond to the respectively applicable EU directives/guidelines.