Power class PTC thermistors


Series PTC thermistors





The PTC‘s are usually installed parallel to the coil so that the mechanical strain is minimized. The Mylar-Nomex shrink cap is well suited due to its mechanical stability (no cold flow, as opposed to Tefl on). In conjunction with the miniature pill (Ø 1,5 mm), response times of ≤ 5 seconds to a maximum of 10 seconds were achieved.


Thermik thermistors correspond to DIN 4408, DIN 44082 and IEC 34-11-2, and exhibit a very high temperature sensitivity. The resistance increases strongly in the area of the rated response temperature. This change can be used to switch off the load circuit through a triggering device. Electronic evaluations of many different applications are also possible. The typical characteristics of Thermik thermistors are presented in the temperature resistance diagram.


Small dimensions

Fast response times

Mechanical stability

Temperature-resistance-characteristic-curves individually made for the application

Resistance Diagram

Temperature Resistance Diagram and Primary Parameters as per DIN 44081 / 44082 and IEC 34-11-2

Customer Specific Designs

Design K – customer specific – upon request Possible Variations/Additions:

Colour coding

Wire insulation material or wire cross-section

Cable end packing

Connection technology

UL wire components used

High voltage proof insulation (suited for safety class II applications)