Thermal-Protectors – Standard Products
Amperage from 1.6 A to 7.5 A 

Series F1

CF1   SF1   UM1   PM1   CM1   SM1  

Series F2

CF2   SF2  

Series 01

01   B01   F01   C01-Pin   C01   S01   C01HT   S01HT   L01   N01  

Series 02

C02-Pin   C02   S02   L02   N02 

Series K1

CK1-Pin   CK1   SK1   LK1   NK1  

Series Z1

CZ1   SZ1 

Series P1

P1   CP1-Pin   CP1   SP1   SP1-600N   KP1   CPK   SPK 

Series W1

CW1   SW1   CWK   VW1   VWK  


VDE according to EN 60730

CQC according toGB 14536

UL according to UL 2111 / UL 873

CSA according to C22.2

CB-Report according to IEC 60730

ENEC according to EN 60730

CMJ according to JET

Automatic functionality as per IEC/EN 60730 -1: 2BM/2CM

Existing norm appendices for
IEC/EN 60730: -1; -2-3; -2-9
B = Micro cutoff
C = Micro interruption
2 = Defi ned manufacturing variation and drift

Thermik products correspond to the respectively applicable EU directives/guidelines.